• Investment
    "It takes 20 years to build
    a reputation and five
    minutes to ruin it.
    If you think about that,
    you´ll do things differently."
    Warren Buffet

Operating on a managed account basis, we have developed a fresh, innovative approach to existing investment practices. Unlike many other asset management offerings where much of the return is lost in fees, we have structured our platform so that our interests are aligned with that of the investor.

Operating in the traditional sphere of equity, commodity and currency markets we are able to consistently provide top quartile investment returns exceeding benchmarks, while maintaining sector leading risk/reward performance, regardless of market direction or sentiment.

Our strategies are managed by our experts employing strict, pre-determined criteria and by diversifying using a combination of algorithmic and manual trading. Constantly supervised by our risk executive; discipline, control and meticulous risk management are the foundations of our investment philosophy and success.

In addition to our low risk strategies, we are in the enviable position of being able to raise the bar by enhancing the investor’s ability to enjoy market leading returns due to:

• The pricing we enjoy is usually the domain of only the largest financial institutions.

• We operate a system whereby we are able to inject support to returns (and capital) when we deem the return insufficient.

• Returns to investors are given priority over the deduction of management charges. We set a threshold so our management charge can only be triggered when a certain performance level is met.

• We also ensure our management charge can not diminish investor returns below a certain level.

The combined effect of prioritising investor returns, the extra support mechanisms we employ and the low risk trading strategies all combined enable us to give exceptional monthly and yearly returns.